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Notifications - Innovation of Chatbots

New advances in technology have opened the doors to an easier, faster and conversational solution: Chatbots.

According to Gartner, by 2020, around 85% of our interactions will be handled by bots instead of humans.

With its presence in diverse areas, including households, workplaces, industries, and even in our vehicles, the importance of Chatbots is growing day by day. Chatbots have become the latest addition to every marketer’s bag of strategies to run business in a more efficient manner. The major advantage of using Chatbot here is, they can be used from customer support to lead generation.

Let’s understand what really are Chatbots?

Chatbots are applications that can mimic human talks using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms.

For the simplest of reference, our Alexa and Google Home - our virtual family members, are all Chatbots!

They can distribute the huge data they receive, rapidly orchestrate the issues found inside, and disclose it to their human equivalents. AI-enabled Chatbots have become one of the best solutions for responding to real-time customer queries proficiently.

Brands are now opting to automate the process of routine tasks in customer service, e.g. scheduling appointments and updating payment details.

Everybody around is so inquisitive about bots and innovation behind them. The fact is chatbots are already around us, working, and helping us in getting our daily chores done!

Humans’ Support

Congratulations, You just got hired by a Chatbot!

Introducing you to AskHR, an intelligent virtual assistant that can respond to employee queries, walk them through processes, assist them in relevant documents, or process common HR requests. AskHR can be integrated with the company’s email, also with the popular collaboration platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams and even Amazon’s Alexa for voice command capabilities.

VOLVO: The Recruiting Car, conducts Job Interviews in Volvo's A.I. Stunt

Creative Agency FamousGrey has refitted a Volvo S90 as the "HR90," making it AI-enabled so that it could recruit its own technician. The car initiated and performed the recruitment process at the Brussels Motor Show, proceeding with a voyage through occupation expos, schools and Volvo dealerships looking for new contracts.

Volvo, seeking 50 candidates for real jobs for its Ghent factory and with local dealers, asked the interested candidates to submit their job application on a website in order to be considered for an interview. The car then tests them via image recognition, mapping, and analysis of preset parameters, analysing the candidate's facial expressions and word use in order to assess their knowledge, motivation and social skills.

Answers are evaluated, processed forward, invitations are sent via mail, requirements are considered and then you reach the ‘human’ HR resource.

Imagine, the recruitment is done!

Chatbots as Receptionists - It’s already a THING!

Let’s consider, a visitor lands on your website. The bot available on the website could be programmed in a way to greet the visitor when they are on the webpage, either with a simple welcome message like hello or with the offer of directing them to what they’re looking on the website.

If we talk about engagement, conversations are considered to be better than static web forms, any day. A Chatbot can talk to the website visitor, know their contact details and requirement, and respond accordingly.

Food for thought!

IBM: An educational Chatbot, Watson Computer, was created by IBM to provide an answer to general questions asked by kids. This Chatbot has won 1 million $ prize in a Quiz competition against human champions.

Facebook: 3,00, 000 Chatbots are currently active on the Facebook platform since the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, allowed developers to use Chatbots on Facebook Messenger.

We think you should message a business just the way you would message a friend - Mark Zuckerberg

Customer Care: Chatbots, if programmed efficiently, can provide an amazing customer service experience. They are capable of providing direct answers to all the basic customer questions. For example, a New York-based company is using IBM’s Chatbot ‘Rocky’ to provide information to their prospective diamond buyers. This Chatbot can explain buyers about the product details and services the business can provide.

Personal Assistants: Contact Centre AI is a tool developed by Google, which can take your calls as a virtual assistant once the contact number is attached to it. Chatbots such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, can work as a personal assistant and can timely remind you about your daily tasks.

Marketing & Branding: Safe to say, Chatbots prove to be very fruitful in the field of marketing. Emails and message campaigns can be very easily automated using Chatbots. It is estimated that 80% of businesses would want to have Chatbot by 2020 - this year, yes!

So where else are Chatbots communicating?

  • Chatbots in the education sector can work as a bridge between the school and the parents. Chatbots fully equipped with data are capable of answering the general queries asked by the parents about the school, academics, students, and others.
  • Airline industries like Emirates are using Chatbot to respond to customer queries in the beginning by feeding them with the basic questions and answers.
  • In the banking sector, Kotak Bank, HDFC Bank, etc. are allocating Chatbots as a Relationship Manager for the account holder. In case chatbots are not able to answer queries, then it is transferred to a human.
  • In the corporate industry where data is the most important, humans are replaced by Chatbots to capture the data and prevent leakage of leads. (Yes, very important!)

In no time this list would become endless and every brand will have its own bot channel. Chatbots are expected to become more intelligent and as common as a business phone number for any organisation.

We are moving towards a more conversational way of doing things and Chatbots will replace search windows and many apps in the not-so-distant future!